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Detoxifying Foot Bath,  $19.99

Begin your treatment with a relaxing foot bath with our signature organic salt soak blends featuring synergistic blend of detoxifying salts like Epsom, Real, and Pink Himalayan, and pure essential oils to flush toxins, extract impurities, cleanse and renew your grounding soles.

Aromatherapy Facial,  $19.99

A steamy hot towel enhanced with your choice of aromatherapy serum opens pores and airways allowing exotic essential oils to nourish the body and comfort the mind in just one treatment.

Peppermint Rosemary Hot Oil Scalp Massage,  $24.99

Encourage healthy hair and scalp with this signature blend of organic oils selected to strengthen roots, moisturizes skin, and promote healthy, luxurious hair. 

Premium Massage Oil,  $24.99

Treat yourself to Naturally Taylor'd premium massage oil with highly prized essential oils and exotic fixed oils and herbs. Review each blend for specific qualities.

Dry Buff & Polish,  $24.99

A gentle brushing of skin prior to massage that exfoliates dry skin and stimulates lymphatic function that adds 15 minutes to your massage and includes free set of spa gloves. Bring them back to save $5 off this enhancement. 

Hot Stones,  $29.99

Heated stones enrich your massage treatment by accessing deeper layers of muscle tissue with heat and pressure to promote greater relaxation and melt away tension and stress. Must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.

Anti-Aging Premium Hand or Foot Treatment,  $44.99

Revive rough skin with hot towels to prepare hands for signature organic sugar scrub of choice followed by our exclusive organic collagen infused body butter to soften skin and promote youthful appearance. Adds 15 minutes to your massage service.

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